Monday, October 8, 2012

New Transformer Rescue Bots

Just about a month ago there were two new Transformer Rescue Bot toys released and I really thought this would it for the Christmas season. The Mobile Head Quarters is pretty awesome in and of itself but add to that the Bots & Robbers Police Headquarters and those are two great additions to the Heroes Prime Fire Station.

NOW I see that there are two additional heroes to add to your collection! Playskool has introduced Hoist the Tow-Bot and Medix the Doc-Bot each retailing for $12.99. To say my son is excited would be an understatement. When he saw the images of two new heroes on my phone he ran straight to our room and jumped on top of his daddy and demanded he wake up now and look at the new Rescue Bots. Not sure my husband had planned to be a trampoline that morning but he was a good sport about it. Of course my rescue hero wants his additions right now...but mommy was to quick to let him know that we would need to add those to our Christmas wish list. This kid wares me down with his "wants" :) and it's hard to tell that cute little face no but it's way to close to Christmas to be giving toys to him now. So now you all know some the presents under our tree this year.

Thank you Playskool for making my little hero so happy!

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