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Organizing the Toys

Now that Christmas has come and gone my new task to to corral all the chaos. Typiclly in years past I have it done within a day or 2 of Christmas...this year however has been particularly challenging. It seems that A) our child receives WAY too many gifts B) his toys are quite large and hard to store C) We are crazy for letting it get to this point.

I have been hard at work though - our first chore (before Christmas) was to find a new home for his train table. Because we made it ourselves it was larger than your standard train table - in fact, it was 3'x6' and took up a HUGE footprint in our house. We had to move it or there would have been no room for Christmas this year. I spent a lot of time thinking and researching (ie scanning Pinterest) before we made our final choice. My inital thought was to build the table into a trundle but my son has a very small room (10x10) and giving up that amount of floor space so it could slide out would have taken the whole room. I realized t…

Transformer Rescue Bot Costume (DIY)

Well in keeping with our theme of the year (Transformer Rescue Bots) my kiddo chose a Halloween costume that wasn't available in stores. I was surprised to find that there were several options available for purchase with Rescue Bots just not the particular hero we were looking for.

So for a couple of days weeks I thought about how I was going to put this costume together, make it warm (since it's typically coat wearing weather where we live), and keep it comfortable while allowing him easy access for potty breaks. These are all legitimate things to consider for small kiddo's.

I finally decided to construct the whole costume from fleece and I used quilt batting on the interior.

Let me apologize for the poor quality photos - I just snapped a few with my cell phone not anticipating a blog post. But after placing 2nd in a nationwide online costume contest I had second thoughts - and well I blogged. :)

The body of "Chase" the Rescue Bot is constructed like a poncho. T…