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Such a beautiful canvas

I have been watching for sunsets with lots of color and have managed to get lucky on several different occasions. So of course I snatched up the camera and ran outside.

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DIY Glass Jar Canisters

Recently I found myself in need of some canisters. I only had a couple and wasn't super happy with them so I decided it was time to upgrade. I really wanted a way to store my things and make them part of the decor at the same time. So I headed to my favorite place for ideas, Hobby Lobby. Oh how this girl can spend hours meandering their isles dreaming of a million things to make (all at once of course). As I stood admiring all the beautiful glass jars I decided they would be perfect for my pantry items. I got a little excited and secretly danced in the isle when I saw the famous 50% all glass jars sign. Oh YEA this momma loves a good deal! The jars I liked were already a great deal starting at $1.99 up to $5.99 plus they had a really good looking gasket for a good seal. As I began thinking what sizes I needed my craft ADD kicked in and I started drifting off to how to label them. I only picked up 4 jars on my initial trip because I couldn't think straight - if you have craftin…

Big Dreamer

Are you a big dreamer? I feel like I have always been a big dreamer full of big GRAND ideas. I have so much passion and sometimes I feel like its all over the place. Inside me is craziness flying around like someone just lit a brick of those jumping jacks fireworks. There is fire, smoke, jumping, spinning, noise - the whole lot and it's so much you aren't quite sure where to look. That's how I feel. Exactly! Except, instead of not knowing where I look, I don't know where to focus. So instead of picking one or 2 things to focus on, I dip into everything and nothing gets all of my attention. Then before you know it, I have bitten off way too much - I throw my hands in the air as a failure - and nothing gets done.

Today is different though. Today I have decided that I am going to do those grand things I think about just not all at once. Then maybe, just maybe I will be able to focus on that one thing and give it my all. Then check my list for the next adventure.

I am inte…

Organizing the Toys

Now that Christmas has come and gone my new task to to corral all the chaos. Typiclly in years past I have it done within a day or 2 of Christmas...this year however has been particularly challenging. It seems that A) our child receives WAY too many gifts B) his toys are quite large and hard to store C) We are crazy for letting it get to this point.

I have been hard at work though - our first chore (before Christmas) was to find a new home for his train table. Because we made it ourselves it was larger than your standard train table - in fact, it was 3'x6' and took up a HUGE footprint in our house. We had to move it or there would have been no room for Christmas this year. I spent a lot of time thinking and researching (ie scanning Pinterest) before we made our final choice. My inital thought was to build the table into a trundle but my son has a very small room (10x10) and giving up that amount of floor space so it could slide out would have taken the whole room. I realized t…

Transformer Rescue Bot Costume (DIY)

Well in keeping with our theme of the year (Transformer Rescue Bots) my kiddo chose a Halloween costume that wasn't available in stores. I was surprised to find that there were several options available for purchase with Rescue Bots just not the particular hero we were looking for.

So for a couple of days weeks I thought about how I was going to put this costume together, make it warm (since it's typically coat wearing weather where we live), and keep it comfortable while allowing him easy access for potty breaks. These are all legitimate things to consider for small kiddo's.

I finally decided to construct the whole costume from fleece and I used quilt batting on the interior.

Let me apologize for the poor quality photos - I just snapped a few with my cell phone not anticipating a blog post. But after placing 2nd in a nationwide online costume contest I had second thoughts - and well I blogged. :)

The body of "Chase" the Rescue Bot is constructed like a poncho. T…

DIY Letters for Wall Art

I had pinned a cool image of super hero wall letters on Pinterest that gave me an awesome idea for my son's wall letters - it involved modge podge and paper. This was about a year ago (at least!) but I hadn't found the perfect paper yet. Earlier this year at the Kidstuff Consignment Sale I stumbled across a book with fantastic pop art on all the pages. I immediately fell in love with the art work and knew it would be perfect for our letters. Better yet - it was half price day so the whole book was only $.50 - WOHOO! I grabbed it up like it was a gold bar and tucked it away while I kept shopping.

Well that book had been on the bookshelf since spring (shame on me - I know!) but such is life. Over the weekend I decided to give it a go. I revisited Pinterest for a recipe for DIY modge podge and set out to remake some letters.

I traced each letter on to the back of each page. Then set out with the fat sharpies to color the edges of each letter in a coordinating color. I could have …

New Transformer Rescue Bots

Just about a month ago there were two new Transformer Rescue Bot toys released and I really thought this would it for the Christmas season. The Mobile Head Quarters is pretty awesome in and of itself but add to that the Bots & Robbers Police Headquarters and those are two great additions to the Heroes Prime Fire Station.

NOW I see that there are two additional heroes to add to your collection! Playskool has introduced Hoist the Tow-Bot and Medix the Doc-Bot each retailing for $12.99. To say my son is excited would be an understatement. When he saw the images of two new heroes on my phone he ran straight to our room and jumped on top of his daddy and demanded he wake up now and look at the new Rescue Bots. Not sure my husband had planned to be a trampoline that morning but he was a good sport about it. Of course my rescue hero wants his additions right now...but mommy was to quick to let him know that we would need to add those to our Christmas wish list. This kid wares me down wit…