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DIY Glass Jar Canisters

Recently I found myself in need of some canisters. I only had a couple and wasn't super happy with them so I decided it was time to upgrade. I really wanted a way to store my things and make them part of the decor at the same time. So I headed to my favorite place for ideas, Hobby Lobby. Oh how this girl can spend hours meandering their isles dreaming of a million things to make (all at once of course). As I stood admiring all the beautiful glass jars I decided they would be perfect for my pantry items. I got a little excited and secretly danced in the isle when I saw the famous 50% all glass jars sign. Oh YEA this momma loves a good deal! The jars I liked were already a great deal starting at $1.99 up to $5.99 plus they had a really good looking gasket for a good seal. As I began thinking what sizes I needed my craft ADD kicked in and I started drifting off to how to label them. I only picked up 4 jars on my initial trip because I couldn't think straight - if you have craftin…