Monday, October 22, 2012

DIY Letters for Wall Art

I had pinned a cool image of super hero wall letters on Pinterest that gave me an awesome idea for my son't wall letters - it involved modge podge and paper. This was about a year ago (at least!) but I hadn't found the perfect paper yet. Earlier this year at the Kidstuff Consignment Sale I stumbled across a book with fantastic pop art on all the pages. I immediately fell in live with the art work and knew it would be perfect for our letters. Better yet - it was half price day so the whole book was only $.50 - WOHOO! I grabbed it up like it was a gold bar and tucked it away while I kept shopping.

Well that book had been on the bookshelf since spring (shame on me - I know!) but such is life. Over the weekend I decided to give it a go. I revisited Pinterest for a recipe for DIY modge podge and set out to remake some letters.

I traced each letter on to the back of each page. Then set out with the fat sharpies to color the edges of each letter in a coordinating color. I could have painted them but I would have had to buy spray paint and I was working on the cheap. After coloring the edges of the letters I spread a very thin layer of modge podge let it stand till it was tacky then laid the paper VERY CAREFULLY over the letters. (After setting the first letter while still wet I realized it was causing bubbles under the paper) So I did the remaining 4 letters allowing it to get tacky first then stacked them up and placed a heavy book on top. This step may have been unnecessary but I wanted to play it safe. Then after about an hour I removed them from the stack and began to modge podge each letter. I did a layer and allowed it to dry then did another. I did a total of 3 layers over each letter.

Result? I love it! And better yet, so does my little hero. (the colors are not nearly as vibrant as in person because this is a cell phone photo and washed out from the flash)