Friday, September 7, 2012

Guess what we got!?

TADA!!!  I FINALLY found Rescue Bot Blades. It is almost fall and that means it is time for neighborhood yard sales :)  I went out this morning for just an hour and half with a friend before I headed into work. I would NEVER have went alone, especially before heading into work - so a HUGE thank you to Jackie. I scored Blades for a whopping $.25!! I totally feel like mom of the year right now. My boy is going to be over the moon when he gets the final bot to his crew. Now he can save the world while he watches his favorite Rescue Bots episodes.


  1. They are getting ready to release two new Rescue Bots!!!

  2. Really!? How exciting - now I will have more hunt for LOL.

  3. Ha-ha, I just stumbled upon your blog after doing a general search for Rescue Bots birthday party ideas. YES, we are also obsessed with Rescue Bots in our house. My twin sons first received Bumblebee and Optimus for their 3rd birthday and have pretty much been obsessed ever since. They were thrilled to receive the rest of the 'bots for Christmas this year! We love the toys, and the cartoons.