Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Desirable toys for undesirable prices

If you have a child I am sure you have come across a situation where they request a specific toy that you can not find. I am currently dealing with this very situation. My son wants more than anything a Transformer Rescue Bot named "Blades" however I can not find a store locally that has him in stock. I even contacted Hasbro about purchasing him online. This transformer costs approximately $12 retail - however I know I can purchase him for $80+ on Amazon on eBay from hungry re-sellers.

So here in lies the you think it's right to sell a current child's toy as a re-seller for so much more than the retail price? I can understand selling collectibles or vintage items but to clear shelves in your area and re-sell at a much higher rate I think is unfair.

What's your take?


  1. We were having the same problem with Boulder. My son wanted him for Easter to complete the set, but we couldn't find him anywhere. I called every store in Atlanta looking for him. They wanted almost $100 on Amazon. I waited out , and finally, got him for $12 off Amazon. I think it is completely wrong to sell toys for that much profit. However, we do have 2 Blades. We thought we lost one, so another was purchased and of course, we found the original a few days later.

  2. Would you be interested in selling one of your Blades? Send me an email if so

  3. I know what you mean. Eventually found Blades and Boulder at our Wal-Mart, but had every relative from Michigan, to Tennessee, to Arizona looking for them to no avail. Another big hit around our house are the Brawlin' Buddies. These were marked up to $80.00 on (Sears was not actually selling them, someone had them listed on there) We finally finished our collection when Santa brought my 3 year old twins Boulder and Chase.

  4. We ran into this as well. It's very disappointing, to say the least. Boulder and Blades were both nowhere to be found...but we waited it out, looking all the time, and between my husband and I, my sister and my parents, we were actually able to secure every 'bot at retail price in plenty of time for Christmas!(So glad we started looking early so we didn't panic and pay inflated prices!!) whoo-hoo!!!! The Rescue Bots were the highlight of Christmas for my 3.5 year old twin sons.