Friday, December 3, 2010

Toddler Toy Selections for Christmas

The time is upon us where we find ourselves searching, researching, and deal hunting for the best things to invest our dollars in for Christmas. Like most families, we have to make sure we get the most for our dollars. While some of the choices on our wish list for Christmas are high dollar items some are not and those that are we are finding on sale and the quality of the items will allow for YEARS of playtime - not just a few months. We are also trying to avoid buying plastic toys as much as possible. So without further a due, here is our WORKING Christmas toy wish list for our little toddler.

A lot of the items we are looking at for our little guy can be found on Amazon heavily discounted and with FREE shipping! That's the easiest way to shop for us since we have to find a sitter and go out hunting (which is hard for daddy because he HATES shopping & crowds) plus you get to read all the reviews which I love!

It was requested that Santa deliver a Disney Pixar Cars Mack Hauler - we might work this out with Santa since it's a small plastic toy which I am sure will see HOURS of play time. He loves Cars so much! He had previously requested Santa deliver a Christmas tree :) after we got ours out and decorated I guess he figured he wouldn't waste his Santa wish on something we already had.

Then OUR list as mommy & daddy is quite a bit longer. We are looking to invest in a few great toys - an easel (we like the Ikea wooden easel) not only is it insanely affordable but it's wooden (a plus!) and will be played with for years to come. We are also hoping to invest in some more Plan Toys - I mean really, can you go wrong with green toys?! I love the quality of their toys and how well their toys allow children to use their imaginations. I can tell you this awesome Plan Toys Excavator is already on the way and we would love to also get this Plan Toys Firetruck. I can tell you that this Plan City Crane Set has already arrived and it's awesome! You don't think that's all do you? That kid LOVES his Plan City activity table so adding to it is easy for our decision making when it comes to toys. We would also love to add the Plan City Rescue Set. Since we don't already have enough blocks (insert sarcasm here) we wanted to add a set of Lincoln Logs to the chaos we call the play room. And last but certainly not least on our wish list is the Melissa & Doug Wooden Project Workbench - this would replace the plastic Home Depot tools and tool bench that after less than 6 mos has very few pieces remaining because they have all broken. :(

I am sure we will pick up a few more hot wheels and a few more Disney Pixar Cars (match box sized) to add to the crazy growing collection of cars we already have.

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