Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Being a mom is

Often times I sit and reflect on being a mom. Its hard, exhausting, stressful, rewarding, awesome, and the MOST important thing I can ever do with my life. I love hot wheels in my tub, the batmobile over the kitchen sink, little socks under the sofa, legos being rescued from the vacuum cleaner, and toothpaste splatter on the bathroom wall - OK well I don't really love it but I love that each time I see those things I immediately melt into a puddle. And although I walk around in a daze by the time its bedtime feeling completely exhausted, questioning myself each time I pointed a finger or raised my voice or frowned without thinking when that little boy crawls into my lap with his favorite lovie and blanket to read about trucks I melt. I melt over and over each day and I know with all of my being that this boy adores me - loves me with everything he is capable of. He looks up to me and depends on me - he is learning how to grow into a man and what it is like to feel complete and total unconditional love. So even though I might have pointed my finger, dished out a chicken nugget dinner or even scolded him he knows that more than anything I love him - ALL of him including his stinky feet.

Anyway, just mindless ramblings of what I feel about being a mom. I big red fluffy heart that boy <3 p="">

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