Thursday, September 15, 2011

Being a mom is crazy hard, crazy stressful and just plain crazy. Today was rough - I dropped my baby off for school (day 3 mind you) and he cried and cried. Hard as it was, I turned him over to his very wonderful capable teachers and ran out before anyone else could see my tears. I sat in the parking lot waiting and debating with myself - go back and rescue him or hold off. I kept telling myself that if I learned ANYTHING as a teacher in a toddler room last year - it's that those crocodile tears always end shortly after mom leaves and they have a great time the rest of the day. So I peaked my head inside the building just in time for his teacher to see me and tell me he was fine and having fun. Phew that was hard stuff!

I came back home to decide how to spend my 4 hours of "freedom" and everywhere I looked he's there. Monster trucks in the kitchen floor, hot wheels from one side of the living room carpet to the other, super hero action figures on the bathroom sink, batman undies on the floor, and transformers in the car.

I decided to run across town a kids consignment sale and spent my morning away from my baby thinking about my baby. Digging for cool toys I knew he would love and on my hands and knees digging through rack after rack of clothes to find the coolest pajamas and t-shirts a mom can. After I checked out and got into my car - turned the key and the clock lit up I realized it was time to go get my baby. My 4 hours of "freedom" weren't free at all. Because although he was not with me he was - every single thought was about and for him.

When I picked up my baby from school I came right back to this crazy house. This house full of boy - monster trucks, hot wheels, super hero's shoes with flames and shirts with skulls...MAN I love being mom to a boy!

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